DVDs of 2012

Abduction (PG-13) Action – Taylor Lautner, the shirtless wolfboy from the Twilight movies, evades assassins. From director John Singleton. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (R) Horror – It turns out that Southern Secessionists were actually the living dead and it was … Continue reading


Jolene ** This 2008 festival favorite comes with a curious pedigree. It’s based on an E.L. Doctorow New Yorker short story. In Doctorow’s elegant prose, it’s an emotionally detached tale that covers ten years in 29 pages. On screen, it’s … Continue reading

Wild Target

Wild Target **½ The English remake of a French comedy is a lightweight diversion notable mostly for the cast. Bill Nighy is an assassin who’s experiencing a minor midlife crisis. He’s the best at his job but has no friends. … Continue reading

Best Movies of 2012

Best Movies of 2012 Technological changes finally caught up with the movie business in 2012. Several of the best films actually made their debut on DVD and pay-per-view. After minimal theatrical releases, they went directly to cable pay-per-view, DVD and … Continue reading