Reviews of Mike Mayo Novels

The readers speak about Everybody Goes to Jimmy’s and Jimmy the Stick:

“Jimmy’s a bad guy you can root for, and thankfully, he doesn’t get redeemed or see the light in the end.”
Spike on Jimmy the Stick (Amazon)

“One fabulous piece of fiction… The plot is well thought out, the characters are very realistic, and the time period detail is spot-on.”
Rachel, on Jimmy the Stick (Amazon)

“The noir atmosphere is totally convincing, the sentences tight, the characters compelling, and the action non-stop.”
Kcorn on Everybody Goes to Jimmy’s (Amazon)

“This is a great read and a hell of a debut novel.”
Brian on Jimmy the Stick (Amazon)

“One of the finest mysteries I’ve read in a dog’s age – and I love my dogs to be long lived!”
Bill Baker on Everybody Goes to Jimmy’s (Amazon)

“By far one of the best opening lines in a book this year.”
Kippoe on Everybody Goes to Jimmy’s (Amazon)

“This is a fabulous sequel to a first-rate first novel.”
Rachel, on Everybody Goes to Jimmy’s (Goodreads)

“[A]n absolute gem of a suspense novel that takes place during the time of the Lindbergh kidnapping.”
Lolly, on Jimmy the Stick (Goodreads)