Week in Film, DVD and pay-per-view April 16

On DVD and pay-per-view April 23

Destroyer (R) Drama – Burned out LA cop Nicole Kidman becomes involved with a case from her past while her rebellious teenage daughter gets into a bad situation. Difficult, complex crime story was touted as Oscar potential for its star but never found a theatrical audience. Deserves to fare better.

Escape Room (PG-13) Thriller – Six strangers find themselves trapped in a room they cannot leave unless they solve a puzzle. I am told that people actually pay to do this in real life.

In theaters April 26

Avengers: End Game (PG-13) Fantasy adventure – The most recent entry in the multi-story Marvel Universe ended with about half the characters allegedly deceased. That cannot stand!

On DVD and pay-per-view April 30

No new releases


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