The Jimmy Quinn Mysteries

In the age of Prohibition,

amid the Great Depression

A gunman comes out of retirement

Jimmy The Stick

a suspense novel

New York City, 1932

Gangsters rule the streets.

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Jimmy Quinn was a gunman, bootlegger, and bagman

A bullet in the leg ended his career,

So he quietly bought and ran a speakeasy in Manhattan.

Until the week the Lindbergh baby got kidnapped,

and he was called upon to help an old friend.

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The Jimmy Quinn Mysteries

In the bloody days of Prohibition, when gangsters like Luciano and Lansky ruled New York like kings, Jimmy Quinn made a reputation as the city’s only honest bagman. From the bar of his quiet little speakeasy, this limping tough guy serves drinks to every hood in Manhattan—at least until the bullets start to fly. In the Jimmy Quinn mysteries, author Michael Mayo explores the seedy side of infamous moments in history—from the Lindbergh kidnapping to the opening of King Kong. No matter how hot the city gets, Jimmy Quinn always keeps his cool.

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