Movie Reviews

Reviews of lesser-known DVDs, new and old

What the ratings mean:

****  One of the best. You definitely want to see it, perhaps even add it to your collection.
***  Very good. Certainly worth a place in your queue.
**  Average. Consider it if you like the stars or the genre.
*  More a warning than a rating.
DNF  Did Not Finish, and so any rating of mine would be unfair. (Life is short and the stack of DVDs is tall.)
(Half stars indicate wishiwashiness, equivocation, second thoughts and indecision.)


Jolene ** This 2008 festival favorite comes with a curious pedigree. It’s based on an E.L. Doctorow New Yorker short story. In Doctorow’s elegant prose, it’s an emotionally detached tale that covers ten years in 29 pages. On screen, it’s … Continue reading

Wild Target

Wild Target **½ The English remake of a French comedy is a lightweight diversion notable mostly for the cast. Bill Nighy is an assassin who’s experiencing a minor midlife crisis. He’s the best at his job but has no friends. … Continue reading