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Mike On Movies

New movies on DVD, Blu-ray, pay-per-view and in theaters

O.K., so you’ve got this great high definition TV, and there are literally thousands of movies out there to choose from.  Every Friday, I post a quick list of the films that will be coming out on DVD, Blu-ray and pay-per-view on the next Tuesday, and on the Tuesday after that, along the theatrical releases for the next week. In effect, the home entertainment information is repeated for those who want to get a jump on things.

Most Recent Releases on DVD/Blu-Ray/Pay-Per-View

Week in Film, DVD and pay-per-view May 14

On DVD and pay-per-view May 14

Cold Pursuit (not rated) Action – Drug dealers kill snowplow-driver Liam Neeson’s son. You know what’s coming next.

 Fighting with My Family (PG-13) Drama – A sister and brother take their bouts from back yards to the WWE. Based on a true story. With Dwayne Johnson and Vince Vaughn.

Happy Death Day 2U (PG-13) Horror comedy – For a second time, co-ed Jessica Rothe must relive the day of her murder. Sequel to the 2017 sleeper hit.

In theaters May 17

A Dog’s Journey (PG) Family drama – Sequel to A Dog’s Purpose finds a young woman (Kathryn Prescott) encountering the reincarnated canine.

John Wick: Chapter Three—Parabellum (R) Action – After bumping off a fellow assassin in the last film, Keanu Reeves finds himself on the run. [Parabellum: (noun) proprietary name for a type of automatic firearm, 1904 (Mauser & Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken), from Latin phrase si vis pacem, para bellum: If you want peace, prepare for war.]

The Sun Is Also a Star (PG-13) Drama – In New York, about-to-be-deported Jamaican Yana Shahidi and college-bound Charles Melton fall for each other and have 24 hours to figure out what to do about it.

White Crow (R) Biopic – In 1961, Russian dancer Rudolph Nureyev (Oleg Ivenko) defects and makes a new life. Directed by Ralph Fiennes.

On DVD and pay-per-view May 21

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (PG) Animation – Set several years after the end of the second film, this one continues the dazzling visuals combined with emotional weight.

Isn’t It Romantic (PG-13) Comedy – After a bump on the head, Rebel Wilson finds herself reliving her life as a romcom.

The Upside (PG-13) Comic drama – Ex-con Kevin Hart is hired to assist wealthy paraplegic Bryan Cranston. With Nicole Kidman. Remake of a French film.